Map Ranking


Opponents defeated: 66.750 (546.)
Tribe: BOTW

Villages (1) Coordinates Points
001 Twisted Tavern
508|469 2.423
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Personal text
Try and imagine I wrote something really witty here, because I'm too lazy to actually write such a thing.
Thanks kissing_heart

Do not trust The Village idiot. He like to cheat and back stab.

Milestone achievements
Field Master (Level 1)

You were the first to defeat 10.000 units.

Combat achievements
Plunderer (Bronze - Level 2)

Plunder resources from other villages 100 times.

Robber (Bronze - Level 2)

Loot a total of 10.000 resources.

Death of a hero (Wood - Level 1)

While supporting other villages, lose 1.000 of your units.

Leader (Wood - Level 1)

Defeat a total of 10.000 enemy units.

Nobles Faith (Wood - Level 1)

Defeat a nobleman in battle.

Social achievements
Brothers in Arms (Bronze - Level 2)

Be a member of the same tribe for 60 consecutive days.

Beloved Friend (Wood - Level 1)

Make a total of 5 friendships.

Growth achievements
Architect (Bronze - Level 2)

Build a total of 150 building levels!

Gatherer (Bronze - Level 2)

Scavenge a total of 10.000 resources.

Market Guru (Bronze - Level 2)

Trade resources using the market 100 times.

Out of time (Bronze - Level 2)

Use the instant complete option 100 times!

Recruitment Drive (Bronze - Level 2)

Recruit a total of 5.000 units!

Score champion (Wood - Level 1)

Climb the rankings tables and reach 100 points.

Other achievements
Years of Service (Gold - Level 12)

Play Tribal Wars for 12 years.

Barricade Battle: Predator (Silver - Level 3)

Defeat 100.000 enemy units in the Barricade Battle.

Barricade Battle: Detective (Bronze - Level 2)

Clear 50% of the stages.

Achievements on other worlds
World 104

World 120

World 75

Casual 11

World 122